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Banjo Bolt Fittings Removal For Toyota?

The details and Procedure for Toyota Camry/ Toyota Avalon 1997-2000.

Camry Solara

In this chapter  Banjo Bolt Fittings Replacing details and Diagrams are provided.

The banjo bolt fitting has a hollow bolt that is installed through a round hollowed out chamber with a hose fitting incorporated onto the chamber. The hollowed out chamber and hose fitting resemble the shape of a banjo, hence the name banjo bolt. The banjo bolt uses a sealing washer on each side of the hollowed chamber that should be replaced during reassembly.

Banjo bolt fittings are used where the fluid in the fluid lines is under pressure.

To remove a banjo bolt type of fitting, perform the following:

Secure the component the banjo bolt is threaded into and loosen the banjo bolt using a boxed end wrench if room permits.

To install:

Using new sealing washer on either side of the banjo fitting, install the banjo bolt and carefully tighten to specification. The sealing washers should be slightly "crushed" between the banjo bolt the banjo fitting and the component.
Banjo bolt style fittings will provide a good solid seal provided that you always perform the following steps;
Always use new gaskets. These are usually made of aluminum or copper.
Start the union bolt by hand to prevent cross-threading.
Tighten the union bolt to 21 ft. lbs. (29 Nm).

See the diagram shown below:---
Location of banjo bolt gaskets (sealing washers)


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