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Chrysler Pt Cruiser Slave Cylinder Removal?

The complete procedure with details and diagrams to replace Slave Actuator Cylinder.

Chrysler Slave Cylinder removal procedure is as follows :-----

Removal & Installation

Except Turbocharged Models

To prevent drainage of clutch master cylinder assembly upon slave cylinder removal, it is necessary to make sure brake master cylinder fluid level is full and reservoir cap is installed tight.

  1. Verify proper brake fluid level and top off if necessary. Install and tighten brake master cylinder cap to prevent clutch hydraulic system drainage.
  2. Raise and safely support the vehicle.
  3. Using a suitable screwdriver, release both slave cylinder hydraulic line snap ring retainers. Do not separate at this time.
  4. Remove slave cylinder-to-transaxle mounting bolts.
  5. Have the replacement slave cylinder ready. Remove the slave cylinder from the transaxle and separate it from the hydraulic tube. Quickly attach the replacement slave cylinder to the plumbing and secure it with both the retaining clips.
To install:
Fig. Clutch slave cylinder installation location-non-turbo models
  1. Install the slave cylinder assembly into position on transaxle.
  2. Tighten slave cylinder-to-transaxle bolts to 168 inch lbs. (19 Nm).
  3. Connect clutch hydraulic supply tube to slave cylinder. Install NEW roll pin and cotter key.
  4. Carefully lower the vehicle.
  5. Verify clutch master cylinder reservoir is full. Top off with DOT 3 brake fluid if necessary.
  6. Bleed clutch hydraulic system.
  7. Verify proper clutch release system operation.
Turbocharged Models
  1. Remove transaxle from vehicle.
  2. Remove 4 slave cylinder-to-clutch bellhousing bolts and remove slave cylinder from transaxle. Clean old sealer from threads using a suitable tap.
To install:
Fig. Clutch slave cylinder installation location-turbo models
  1. Install slave cylinder to transaxle using new bolts.
    Torque the 3 CSC body screws first, then the fluid tube attachment.
  2. Torque the slave cylinder-to-case bolts in three steps:

    18 inch lbs. (2 Nm)
    44 inch lbs. (5 Nm)
    74 inch lbs. (8 Nm)
  3. Install the transaxle.

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