Monday, April 9, 2012

Compressor Replacing on Pontiac Torrent?

The complete compressor removal details.
The details mentioned here are for Chevrolet Equinox and Pontiac Torrent car models.

The step by step instructions to replace compressor is as follows:----

  1. Recover the refrigerant.
  2. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  3. Remove the accessory drive belt from the compressor pulley.
  4. Raise and support the vehicle.
  5. Remove the compressor hose bolt from the compressor.
  6. Remove the compressor hose from the compressor.
  7. Disconnect the electrical connector from the compressor.
  8. Remove and discard the O-rings from the compressor.
  9. Install a shipping cap on the compressor hose to prevent moisture/contamination.
  10. Install shipping cap to the compressor prior to removal to prevent spillage of oil and contamination.
  11. Remove the compressor bolts from the compressor.
  12. Remove the compressor from the vehicle.
  13. If replacing the compressor, balance the oil. 

    Fig. Exploded view of the A/C compressor (2) showing the mounting bolts (3,4,5) and the spacer bracket (1).
To install:
  1. Add the proper amount of polyalkylene glycol (PAG) oil to the compressor.
  2. Install caps on compressor to prevent spillage during installation.
  3. Install the compressor and tighten the bolts to 37 ft. lbs. (50 Nm).
  4. Remove the shipping cap from the compressor and the compressor hose.
  5. Connect the electrical connector to the compressor.
  6. Install new O-rings to the compressor.
  7. Install compressor hose to the compressor.
    The compressor hose must maintain a minimum clearance of 0.8 inches (20 mm) from the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) pipe. If this minimum clearance is not maintained, damage to the compressor hose may result.
  8. Position the compressor hose to the compressor and tighten the bolt.
  9. Lower the vehicle.
  10. Install the accessory drive belt to the compressor pulley.
  11. Connect the negative battery cable.
  12. Recharge the A/C system.
  13. Test the affected A/C joints for leaks.

These details will help.


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