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Crankshaft Damper Removal on Chrysler Town And Country?

The dodge Caravan and Chrysler Town and Country Crankshaft Damper removal procedure.
Details for both car models are similar.

The complete step by step details with diagrams for Crankshaft Damper is mentioned in this chapter.

Crankshaft Damper (Balancer)
REMOVAL & INSTALLATION is as follows:----

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  2. Raise and safely support the vehicle. Remove the right side wheel and tire assembly.
  3. Remove the right inner splash shield.
  4. Remove the accessory drive belts.
  5. Break the crankshaft damper bolt loose, but do not remove it.
  6. Remove the crankshaft damper. If necessary, attach a suitable 3-jawed puller to the crankshaft damper, then tighten the center bolt and remove the damper bolt and damper. 

    Fig. Remove the right side inner fender splash shield

    Fig. From below the vehicle, remove the accessory drive belts

    Click image to see an enlarged view
    Fig. Remove the crankshaft damper center bolt and washer
To install:
  1. Install the crankshaft damper. It may be necessary to install the crankshaft damper using an M12-1.75 x 150mm bolt, washer, thrust bearing and nut from the crankshaft damper installation tool kit 6792 or equivalent.
  2. Install the crankshaft damper bolt and tighten to the following specifications:

    2.4L engine-100 ft. lbs. (135 Nm).
    3.3L and 3.8L engines-40 ft. lbs. (54 Nm)

    Click image to see an enlarged view
    Fig. The pulley usually slides off of the crankshaft

    Click image to see an enlarged view
    Fig. If a puller is used, sure to pull on the inner hub area only-3.3L and 3.8L engines

    Click image to see an enlarged view
    Fig. 2.4L engines may require a special tool to press the pulley onto the crankshaft
  3. Install the accessory drive belts.
  4. Install the right inner splash shield. Install the right side wheel and tire assembly.
  5. Carefully lower the vehicle, then connect the negative battery cable.

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