Friday, April 6, 2012

How to replace Heater Core on Chevy Aveo?

The procedure mentioned here is to replace heater core.
Its for Chevrolet Aveo car model.

The details and diagrams to replace the heater core is as follows:-----

Heater Core
Removal & Installation is as follows:----

Refer to the applicable precautions for this system before performing the following operation. Failure to follow the warnings and cautions could result in possible personal injury or death.

  1. Recover the air conditioning refrigerant, into a refrigerant recovery station
  2. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  3. Drain the cooling system into a clean container for reuse.
  4. Disconnect the heater hoses at the firewall.
  5. Remove the instrument panel. For additional information, refer to the following section, -Instrument Panel, Removal & Installation.-
  6. Remove the A/C suction hose and liquid evaporator pipe connector block at the cowl.
  7. From the firewall remove the screws that secure the heater/air distribution case. assembly to the cowl.
  8. Remove the heater/air distribution case.
  9. Disconnect the control cables from the case.
  10. Remove the heater core covers and clamps and remove the heater core. 

    Fig. Location of the heater core
To install:
  1. Installation is the reverse of removal. Please note the following torque specifications:

    Tighten the instrument panel bolts to 15 ft. lbs. (20 Nm).
    Tighten the passenger air bag module mounting bolts to 97 inch lbs. (11 Nm).
    Tighten the driver air bag module mounting bolts to 71 inch lbs. (8 Nm).
    Tighten the steering wheel bolt to 28 ft. lbs. (38 Nm).
  2. Connect the negative battery cable.
  3. Charge the air conditioning refrigerant.
  4. Refill the cooling system.
  5. Start the engine and check for leaks.

These details will help.


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