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Replace Timing Chain Cover & Seal on Chrysler?

Chrysler Pacifica Timing Chain Cover & Seal removal procedure.
The details for this is as follows:----

Timing Chain Cover & Seal
3.8L Engine
  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  2. Properly relieve the fuel system pressure.
  3. Evacuate air conditioning system.
  4. Drain and recycle the engine coolant.
  5. Remove the air cleaner.
  6. Loosen the water pump pulley bolts.
  7. Remove the accessory drive belt and belt tensioner.
  8. Remove the power steering pump and set the pump aside.
  9. Remove the alternator.
  10. Disconnect the air conditioning compressor clutch electrical connector and suction discharge hoses.
  11. Remove the dipstick tube.
  12. Drain the engine oil.
  13. Remove right wheel and inner splash shield.
  14. Remove the oil pan.
  15. Disconnect the lower radiator hose and the oil cooler hose at the coolant cross over pipe.
  16. Separate the power steering lines from the A/C bracket and bracket at the cradle.
  17. Separate the air conditioning compressor from the engine and set aside.
  18. Remove the crankshaft damper using tool No. 8454 and insert No. 8450.
  19. Remove the coolant cross over pipe fasteners and pipe.
  20. Remove the accessible lower timing cover fasteners through the wheel well.
  21. Remove Camshaft Position (CMP) sensor from the timing chain cover.
  22. Remove the water pump.
  23. Support the engine with a floor jack and remove the upper engine mount assembly.
  24. Remove the timing chain cover fasteners and cover.
To install:

Do not use sealer on cover gasket

  1. Position a new gasket on the timing cover. Adhere the new gasket to the chain case cover, making sure that the lower edge of the gasket is 0.020 inch (0.5 mm) beyond the lower edge of the cover.
  2. Rotate the crankshaft so that the oil pump drive flats are in the vertical position.
  3. Position the oil pump inner rotor so the mating flats are in the same position as the crankshaft drive flats.
    Make sure the oil pump is engaged on the crankshaft correctly or severe damage may result.
  4. Install the timing cover.
  5. Install the timing chain cover bolts. Tighten the M8 bolts to 20 ft. lbs. ( 27 Nm) and the M10 bolts to 40 ft. lbs. (54 Nm). 

    Fig. Timing chain cover bolt locations-3.8L engine
  6. Install the crankshaft front oil seal.
  7. Install the crankshaft damper.
  8. Install the coolant cross over pipe.
  9. Install the A/C compressor.
  10. Position and install the power steering line hold downs at the cradle and A/C bracket.
  11. Connect the coolant hoses to the coolant crossover pipe.
  12. Install the inner fender splash shield.
  13. Install oil pump pick-up tube with a new O-ring. Tighten the bolt to 250 inch lbs. (28 Nm).
  14. Install the oil pan.
  15. Install the water pump and pulley.
  16. Install the CMP sensor.
  17. Connect the A/C electrical connector and the suction, discharge hoses.
  18. Install the dipstick tube.
  19. Install the alternator.
  20. Install the power steering pump.
  21. Install the idler pulley and drive belt.
  22. Install the upper engine.
  23. Fill the crankcase with engine oil to the proper level.
  24. Fill the cooling system.
  25. Evacuate and recharge the A/C system.
  26. Check and refill all fluid levels.
  27. Connect the negative battery cable.

These details will help.


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