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Replace Timing Chain Cover on Cadillac Deville?

The procedure mentioned here in this section will work for  Cadillac DeVille, Eldorado, Seville from 1999-2005 Year car models.
Timing Chain Cover & Chain

Removal & Installation

Left Side Secondary Chain
  1. Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the Precautions Section.
  2. Drain the cooling system.
  3. Remove or disconnect the following:

    Negative battery cable
    Accessory drive belt
    Front cover bolts
    Front cover and gasket
    Power steering hose
    Right front wheel
    Splash shields from the wheel well
    Flexplate cover
    Crankshaft balancer bolt
  4. Support the engine cradle.

    3 right-side engine cradle bolts
    Road Sensing Suspension (RSS) sensor from the right control arm
  5. Lower the cradle to gain access for the crankshaft balancer puller.
    The camshaft cover gasket is reusable as long as it is not damaged.

    Crankshaft balancer
    Drive belt tensioner
    Drive belt idler pulley
    Upper radiator hose at the water crossover
    Spark plug wires
    Right side cooling fan
    Battery cable at the alternator
    Battery cable harness at the camshaft cover
    Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) fresh air tube from the camshaft cover
    Water pump pulley
    Camshaft seal retainer screws and the seal
    Battery cable retainer at the front of the camshaft cover
    Camshaft cover by pivoting the entire cover around the water pump driveshaft. Continue moving the cover upward and pivoting so that the edge of the cover closely follows the left edge of the intake manifold cover.

    Right side secondary chain
    Left side secondary chain tensioner
    Left side chain guide. Access the upper chain guide mounting bolt through the hole in the cylinder head capped with the plastic plug.
    Left side camshaft sprocket bolts and sprockets
    Secondary drive chain
To install:
  1. Route the secondary timing chain for the left side over the inner row of intermediate sprocket teeth.
  2. Install or connect the following: 

    Secondary timing chain over the inner row of teeth on the intermediate shaft sprocket. Route the chain over the chain guide and install the exhaust camshaft sprocket so the LE (Left Head Exhaust) pin engages the sprocket notch. There should be no slack in the lower section of the timing chain and the camshaft drive pin must be perpendicular to the cylinder head face. 

    Fig. Locking the tensioner in the collapsed position
    Intake camshaft sprocket into the chain so the sprocket notch LI (Left Head Intake) engages the camshaft and the camshaft drive pin remains perpendicular to the cylinder head face. A hex is cast into the camshafts behind the lobes for cylinder No. 2, so an open-end wrench may be used to provide minor repositioning of the camshafts. 

    Fig. Correct timing chain alignment
    Both camshaft sprocket bolts loosely
    Chain tensioner. Torque the mounting bolts to 20 ft. lbs. (27 Nm).
  3. Torque the camshaft sprocket bolts to 90 ft. lbs. (120 Nm).
    Use care to prevent the exposed section of the camshaft cover seal from being damaged by the edge of the cylinder head casting.

    Front cover gasket on the dowel pins on the block
    Front cover. Torque the bolts to 89 inch lbs. (10 Nm). Apply a dab of RTV to the split line between the upper and lower crankcase assemblies.
    Drive belt idler pulley. Torque the bolt to 35 ft. lbs. (47 Nm).
    Drive belt tensioner. Torque the nut to 35 ft. lbs. (47 Nm).
    Crankshaft balancer. Torque the bolt to 44 ft. lbs. (60 Nm) plus an additional 120 degree turn.
    Engine cradle. Torque the bolts to 75 ft. lbs. (102 Nm).
    RSS sensor
    Wheel well splash shields
    Flexplate cover
    Spark plug and camshaft cover seals
    Intake camshaft through the hole in the camshaft cover

    Camshaft cover
    Camshaft cover screws. Torque the screws to 84 inch lbs. (10 Nm).
    Battery cable retainer to the front of the camshaft cover
    Battery cable at the alternator
    Camshaft seal to the end of the intake camshaft. Seal the screw threads with sealer.
    Water pump pulley
    PCV fresh air tube to the camshaft cover
    Right side fan
    Spark plug wires
    Upper radiator hose to the water crossover
  4. Refill the cooling system.

These details will help.


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