Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dodge Ram: Replace Fuel Lift Pump?

How to replace Fuel lift pump on 2005 Dodge ram Truck.

The procedure mentioned will cover U.S. and Canadian models of the Dodge Ram 1500, 2500, 3500, 2WD & 4WD from year 2001 - 2005.

The procedure with details and diagrams are as follows:-----

The fuel transfer pump (fuel lift pump) is attached to the rear of the fuel filter/water separator housing.
  1. Drain fuel from fuel filter housing. Refer to Fuel Filter/Water Separator. See Draining.

  1. Disconnect the electrical connector from the fuel transfer pump.
  2. Disconnect the fuel tank supply line from fuel transfer pump extension line. This is done at the disconnection point at inside of left inner frame rail.
  3. Remove 4 pump mounting bolts (hex-allen), and remove pump from fuel filter housing.
  4. Confirm that transfer pump O-ring is also removed from fuel filter housing. 

    Fig. View of the filter housing (1), electrical connector (2), fuel transfer (lift) pump (3), fuel line extension (4) and hex mounting bolts (5)
To install:
  1. Install a new O-ring to fuel transfer pump.
  2. Lubricate O-ring and OD of transfer pump inlet connector.
  3. Position fuel transfer pump onto fuel filter housing. Do not use mounting bolts to draw transfer pump to filter housing.
  4. Be sure pump is positioned flat to fuel filter housing. Install mounting bolts and evenly tighten to 61 inch lbs. (7 Nm).
  5. Connect fuel line extension at fuel supply line.
  6. Connect electrical connector to pump.
  7. Prime the system as follows:
    1. Cycle key to actuate transfer pump, or use DRB Scan Tool to actuate transfer pump. Check for leaks.
  8. Operate engine and check for fuel leaks.

These details will help.


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