Saturday, October 29, 2011

How to Check Air Conditioning System on 2003 Ford Focus?

Air Conditioning System Check:---

  1. Connect an R-134a manifold gauge set or refrigerant service center with gauges to the refrigerant system.
  2. With the vehicle in PARK, parking brake set, thermometer installed in center panel vent, and air conditioning system on and set to MAX A/C (if equipped) or FULL COOL and RECIRC (if equipped), start the engine.
  3. Record the air refrigerant system pressures while running the engine at 1,500 rpm and allow the engine to return to idle.
  4. Operate the blower motor in all control positions and check for correct blower speed changes.
  5. With the blower motor on MED HI, operate the air discharge mode selector in all positions and check for correct airflow in each position.
  6. Operate the temperature blend selector in all positions and check for correct change in discharge temperature. Check the air discharge temperature with the selector in the coolest position and the air conditioning on and set to MAX A/C (if equipped) or FULL COOL and RECIRC (if equipped) to determine if the air discharge temperature is acceptable for the current ambient air temperature.
  7. Carry out the ATC self-test (if applicable).
  8. If the refrigerant system pressures were low, carry out the refrigerant system leak test.

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