Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How To replace Axle Housing on Ford E series?

Ford E series Vans Axle Housing replacing details:-------

Axle Housing

  1. Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the Precautions Section.
  2. Raise and safely support the vehicle.
  3. Remove the rear wheels.
  4. Remove the two brake caliper anchor plate bolts and support the caliper assembly using mechanic-s wire.
  5. Disconnect the parking brake cable from the parking brake. Repeat for the opposite side. Position the cables aside.
  6. Disconnect the axle vent tube.
  7. Remove the axle vent.
  8. Remove the brake tube bracket bolt.
  9. Remove the parking brake cable retainer bolt.
  10. Disconnect the wheel speed sensor harness clips, if equipped.
  11. Remove the rear wheel speed sensor bolt, spacer and the sensor, if equipped.
  12. Position the brake tube, harness and cable aside.
  13. To maintain driveline balance, matchmark the driveshaft flange yoke and the pinion flange. Remove the four driveshaft flange bolts.
  14. Using a suitable tool, disconnect the driveshaft flange yoke from the pinion flange. Support the driveshaft using mechanic-s wire.
  15. Using a suitable jack, support the axle at the differential.
  16. Remove and discard the nuts and bolts retaining shock absorbers to the axle.
  17. Remove and discard the nuts and axle U-bolts.
  18. Lower the axle from the vehicle. 

    Fig. Exploded view of the rear axle assembly-E-Series Models
To install:
  1. Raise the axle into the vehicle.
  2. Install new axle U-bolts and nuts and tighten until snug. Tighten the U-bolt nuts evenly in an X-type pattern as follows:
    1. Tighten to 37 ft. lbs. (50 Nm).
    2. Tighten to 74 ft. lbs. (100 Nm).
    3. Tighten to 111 ft. lbs. (150 Nm).
    4. Tighten to 148 ft. lbs. (200 Nm).
    5. Tighten to 166 ft. lbs. (225 Nm).
  3. Install the new shock absorber nuts and bolts and tighten to 58 ft. lbs. (79 Nm).
  4. The remainder of the installation is the reverse order of removal.

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