Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How to Replace Heater Core on Ford E series Vans?

The details to replace Heater Core on Ford E series Vans is as follows:----

Heater Core
Instructions are as follows:---

  1. Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the Precautions Section.
  2. Drain the engine cooling system.
  3. Remove the rear seats to access the LH rear quarter trim panel.
  4. Remove the body side trim finish panel.
  5. Disconnect the powerpoint electrical connector, if equipped.
  6. Pry the rear seat shoulder strap covers from the upper trim panels.
  7. Pull the rear door weatherstrip off at the rear door opening to access the trim panel pin-type retainers.
  8. Remove the rear upper quarter trim panel and lower quarter trim panel.
  9. Remove the window latches.
  10. Remove the heater core cover. 

    Fig. Heater core cover screw locations-E-Series Models
  11. Release the clamps and disconnect the heater hoses from the heater core.
  12. Remove the heater core case seal.
  13. Remove the heater core.
  14. Installation is the reverse order of removal.
  15. Refill the engine cooling system to the correct level.

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