Tuesday, April 24, 2012

After Servicing Power Steering ?

The Procedure mentioned below has to be followed after serving power steering pump or gears.

Its Basically Called Power Steering Bleeding Procedure.
The details are as follows:---

THE fluid level should be checked with engine off to prevent injury from moving components. CAUTION: Use MOPAR® Power Steering Fluid or equivalent. Do not use automatic transmission fluid and do not overfill.

  1. Wipe filler cap clean, then check the fluid level. The dipstick should indicate COLD when the fluid is at normal temperature.
  2. Turn steering wheel all the way to the left
  3. Fill the pump fluid reservoir to the proper level and let the fluid settle for at least two (2) minutes.
  4. Raise the front wheels off the ground.
  5. Slowly turn the steering wheel lock-to-lock 20 times with the engine off while checking the fluid level.
    Vehicles with long return lines or oil coolers turn wheel 40 times.
  6. Start the engine. With the engine idling maintain the fluid level.
  7. Lower the front wheels and let the engine idle for two minutes.
  8. Turn the steering wheel in both direction and verify power assist and quiet operation of the pump.
  9. If the fluid is extremely foamy or milky looking, allow the vehicle to stand a few minutes and repeat the procedure.
    Do not run a vehicle with foamy fluid for an extended period. This may cause pump damage.
These details will help.


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