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Non-PZEV Engine Exhaust Manifold Replacing?

The complete procedure to replace Exhaust Manifold.

The Procedure For 2.0L And 2.4L Engines.

Please Note that this Procedure Covers all U.S. and Canadian models of the Chrysler/Dodge Avenger, Chrysler Sebring Coupe and Dodge Stratus/ Stratus Coupe models for Year 1999 to 2005.

The Exhaust manifold removal/ install is as follows:--

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable from the left shock tower.
    The ground cable is equipped with an insulator grommet which should be placed on the stud to prevent the negative battery cable from accidentally grounding.
  2. Remove or disconnect the following:

    Exhaust pipe from the exhaust manifold
    Exhaust manifold heat shield
    Heated Oxygen Sensor (HO 2 S), if necessary
    Exhaust manifold and discard the gasket
To install:
Fig. Make sure the gasket mating surfaces are clean and flat before installing the exhaust manifold-2.0L engine

Fig. Be careful not to damage the oxygen sensor when servicing the manifold-2.4L engine

Click image to see an enlarged view

Fig. Exhaust manifold torque sequence-2.4L non-PZEV engines
  1. Thoroughly clean all parts. Clean all sealing surfaces of the manifold and cylinder head. Check the manifold gasket surface for flatness with a straightedge and feeler gauge. The surface must be flat within 0.006 inch (0.15mm) per foot (30cm) of manifold length. Inspect the manifold for cracks or distortion. Replace if necessary.
  2. Install or connect the following:

    New gasket
    Exhaust manifold. Torque the bolts, starting at the center and working outward, to 17 ft. lbs. (23 Nm)
    HO 2 S sensor
    Heat shield
    Exhaust pipe and torque the fasteners to 21 ft. lbs. (28 Nm)
    Negative battery cable
  3. Start the engine and allow it to idle while inspecting the manifold for exhaust leaks.
PZEV Engines
  1. Disconnect negative battery cable.
  2. Raise vehicle on hoist.
  3. Remove the complete exhaust system.
  4. Remove the rear engine mount and transaxle bracket.
  5. Disconnect connector tube from check valve. Squeeze connector and pull.
  6. Remove the exhaust manifold heat shield.
  7. Disconnect oxygen sensor electrical connector.
  8. Remove the exhaust manifold retaining fasteners and remove exhaust manifold.
  9. Remove the and discard manifold gasket. 

    Click image to see an enlarged view
    Fig. Exhaust manifold torque sequence-2.4L PZEV engines
To install:
  1. Install the new exhaust manifold gasket. DO NOT APPLY SEALER.
  2. Position exhaust manifold in place. Tighten fasteners in sequence shown to 17 ft. lbs. (23 Nm).
  3. Install the exhaust manifold heat shield.
  4. Install the check valve tighten bolts to 105 inch lbs. (12 Nm).
  5. Connect connector tube to check valve by pushing fitting over check valve.
  6. Connect oxygen sensor electrical connector.
  7. Install the rear engine mount and transaxle bracket.
  8. Install the exhaust system. Tighten fasteners to 21 ft. lbs. (28 Nm).
  9. Lower vehicle.
  10. Connect negative battery cable.

Also view this additional help diagram:---

Install exhaust manifold heat shield.

Attach exhaust pipe and tighten fasteners to 250 inch lbs. (28 Nm) 
Fig. Exploded view of the exhaust manifold and related components-2.0L engine
These details will help.


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