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Timing Belt Replacing on VIN S Engine?

How to replace timing Belt.

The complete procedure with step by step diagrams.

Please Note that this Procedure Covers all U.S. and Canadian models of the Chrysler/Dodge Avenger, Chrysler Sebring Coupe and Dodge Stratus/ Stratus Coupe models for Year 1999 to 2005.

The Procedure to replace Timing belt for 2.4L Engine VIN S is as follows:---

  1. Remove the A/C refrigerant using approved equipment.
  2. Remove or disconnect the following:

    Negative battery cable
    Right front wheel and inner splash shield
    Accessory drive belts
    Crankshaft damper
    Lower torque strut
    Exhaust system from the manifold
    A/C compressor switch
    Upper torque strut and bracket
    Upper radiator support crossmember
    Power steering pump and bracket without disconnecting the lines
    Right engine mount through bolt after supporting the engine
    Engine support bracket
  3. Rotate the crankshaft until the Top Dead Center (TDC) mark on the oil pump housing aligns with the TDC mark on the crankshaft sprocket.
  4. Install an Allen wrench into the tensioner. Rotate the tensioner counterclockwise while pushing on the wrench until it slides into the locking hole.
  5. Remove the timing belt. 

    Fig. Crankshaft and camshaft timing marks-2.4L engine

    Fig. Timing belt tensioner-2.4L engine

    Fig. Camshaft sprocket alignment-2.4L engine

    Fig. Timing belt installation-2.4L engine

    Fig. Timing belt tension adjustment-2.4L engine

    Click image to see an enlarged view
    Fig. Timing belt tension verification-2.4L engine
To install:
  1. Set the crankshaft sprocket at TDC by aligning the sprocket with the arrow on the oil pump housing.
  2. Set the camshafts timing marks so that the exhaust camshaft sprocket is a 12 notch below the intake camshaft sprocket.
  3. Install the timing belt by starting at the crankshaft. Go around the water pump sprocket idler pulley, camshaft sprockets and the tensioner.
  4. Move the exhaust camshaft sprocket counterclockwise to align the marks and to remove any slack.
  5. Remove the wrench from the belt tensioner.
  6. Rotate the crankshaft two full revolutions and verify that the TDC marks are properly aligned.
  7. Install or connect the following:

    Lower timing belt cover and torque the bolts to 40 inch lbs. (4.5 Nm)
    Upper timing belt cover and torque the bolts to 40 inch lbs. (4.5 Nm)
    Right engine support bracket and reposition the power steering pump. Torque the bracket bolts to: 45 ft. lbs. (61 Nm).
    Right engine mount through bolt and torque it to 87 ft. lbs. (118 Nm)
    Upper radiator support crossmember
    Torque strut bracket
    Upper torque strut
    A/C lines and pressure switch
    Exhaust system to the manifold
    Crankshaft damper
    Accessory drive belts
    Lower torque strut
    Right splash shield and wheel
    Negative battery cable
  8. Recharge the A/C system.
  9. Perform the camshaft/crankshaft synchronization procedure.

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