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How to replace Radiator on Dodge Sprinter?

The Step by step procedure to replace Radiator.

The details to replace Radiator on Dodge Sprinter Truck/ Van Models is as follows:---

Its recommended to view this help link too:---
The procedure will be required to complete radiator removal.

Replace Dodge Sprinter Engine Cooling Fan?

  1. Drain the cooling system.
  2. Remove the headlights.
  3. Remove the front crossmember together with front grille.
  4. Remove the front bumper.
  5. Remove the bolts holding the air charge hose to the sheet metal and intercooler.
  6. Detach the air intake pipe at the body.
  7. Detach both coolant hoses at the coolant reservoir.
  8. Unplug the wiring connector at the coolant level sensor.
  9. Detach the coolant hose at bottom right of radiator.
  10. Detach the transmission cooler lines from the radiator.
  11. Remove the left and right radiator trim.
  12. Remove the radiator fan. For additional information, refer to the following section, "Engine Fan, Removal & Installation.-
  13. Remove the bolts securing the intercooler to the radiator.
  14. Remove the screws and upper radiator trim from the radiator.
  15. Move the condenser/intercooler/power steering cooler assembly forward.
  16. Lift the radiator assembly up and out of the rubber grommets.
To install:
  1. Install the radiator assembly into the rubber grommets.
  2. Install both right and left side radiator trim panels.
  3. Attach the transmission cooler lines.
  4. Attach the coolant hose to the bottom right of the radiator.
  5. Attach both power steering hydraulic lines.
  6. Connect the coolant level sensor electrical connector.
  7. Connect the coolant hoses to the coolant reservoir, radiator and water pump.
  8. Attach the air intake pipe to the body.
  9. Attach the charge air hose to the air intake.
  10. Attach the charge air hose to the turbocharger.
  11. Install the A/C condenser.
  12. Install the front bumper.
  13. Install front end crossmember.
  14. Refill the power steering reservoir to the correct level.
  15. Refill the transmission to the correct level.
  16. Refill the cooling system to the correct level.
  17. Start the engine and check for leaks.

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