Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Inner Tie Rod, Idler & Pitman Arms Replacing on Dodge RAM?

The complete detailed procedure to remove/ install inner tie rod, idler arms and pitman arms.

The Procedure mentioned Covers Dodge Ram 1500, 2500, 3500, 2WD & 4WD. Its For 2001 – 2005 Year Models.

The details are as follows:---

  1. Raise and safely support the vehicle.
  2. Remove the cotter pins and retaining nuts from the tie-rod end, idler arm and pitman arm. Discard the cotter pins.
  3. Remove the outer tie-rod end from the steering knuckle arm. 

    Fig. Exploded view of the idler arm (1), tie rod tubes (2 & 4), tie rod (3), center link (5), idler arm (6) and drag link (7)-light duty steering linkage

  4. Remove the inner tie-rod end from the center link.
  5. Remove the idler arm from the center link.
  6. Remove the idler arm bolts from the frame brackets and remove idler arms.
  7. Remove the drag link ball studs from the pitman arm and center link.
  8. Remove the pitman arm nut from steering gear and remove pitman arm with Remover C-4150A. 

    Click image to see an enlarged view
    Fig. Using Special Tool C-4150-A (2) and a wrench (3) to remove the pitman arm (1)
To install:
  1. Install the idler arms and retaining nuts and bolts. Tighten nuts to 155 Nm (115 ft. lbs.).
  2. Install the center link on idler arm ball studs. Install ball stud nuts and tighten to 64 Nm (47 ft. lbs.).
  3. Install new cotter pins.
  4. Install the tie-rod end ball studs to the steering knuckle arms and center link. Tighten ball stud nuts to:
    1. LD 9/16 nuts: 55 ft. lbs. (75 Nm)
    2. HD 5/8 nuts: 75 ft. lbs. (102 Nm)
  5. Install new cotter pins.
  6. Install the pitman arm on steering gear and tighten the retaining nut to 185 ft. lbs. (251 Nm).
  7. Connect the drag link to the pitman arm and center link. Tighten the nuts to 55 ft. lbs. (75 Nm) then install new cotter pins.
  8. Remove supports and carefully lower the vehicle. Check and adjust the wheel toe position.

These details will help.


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