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Accessory Drive Belts Removal on Equinox and Torrent?

The complete drive belt replacing procedure.
In this chapter the details are provided for Chevrolet Equinox and Pontiac Torrent car models.

The drive belt also called as serpentine belt.
The step by step drive replacing procedure with all details and additional help diagrams are provided below.
Follow the procedure to complete the drive belt removal.

Drive belt Adjustment:---
The 3.4L engine accessory drive belt uses an auto-tensioner. No adjustment is necessary.

Inspection Details for Drive belt:

Inspect the drive belt for signs of glazing or cracking. A glazed belt will be perfectly smooth from slippage, while a good belt will have a slight texture of fabric visible. Cracks will usually start at the inner edge of the belt and run outward. All worn or damaged drive belts should be replaced immediately.

Removal & Installation Procedure for Chevy and Pontiac drive belt:----

  1. Remove the air cleaner assembly.
  2. Using Special Tool J-39914, or a suitable belt tensioner unloader, rotate the drive belt tensioner to release the tension on the drive belt.
  3. Remove the drive belt from the right idler pulley.
  4. Carefully release the unloader to relieve the drive belt tensioner spring tension.
  5. Remove the unloader from the drive belt tensioner .
  6. Provided the vehicle will not be raised or lifted to perform additional work. Utilizing a floor jack and a wood block, support the front of the engine unlock between the lift point of the floor jack and the bottom of the engine oil pan.
  7. Raise the jack until the wood block comes into contact with the engine oil pan and is capable of supporting the weight of the engine.
  8. If the vehicle is to be raised or lifted in order to perform additional work. Support the engine using the engine support fixture.
  9. Remove the right engine mount.
  10. Remove the drive belt from the remaining pulleys.
To install:
  1. Install the drive belt to all the pulleys except the right idler pulley.
  2. Install the right engine mount. Tighten the nuts to 81 ft. lbs. (110 Nm).
  3. Remove the floor jack from under the engine oil pan or remove the engine support fixture.
  4. Using tensioner tool and rotate the drive belt tensioner away from the drive belt.
  5. Install the drive belt to the right idler pulley.
  6. Carefully release the tool allowing the drive belt tensioner to come in contact with the drive belt.
  7. Remove the tool.
  8. Inspect the drive belt to insure the belt is properly centered on all pulleys.
  9. Install the air cleaner assembly.

Drive Belt Routing Diagram:----

Fig. Accessory drive belt routing-3.4L engine

These details will help.


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